Day 18

After experiencing some premature excitement last week, I was humbly reminded that the goal here is 2 lbs per week. I got excited last Friday about being down 9 lbs in 12 days. I must have been using some type of high school wrestler weight losing technique because I was down and then proceeded to start the week only down 5 lbs.

No biggie, and here’s why. Today is a good day. This morning I’m down 10 lbs! The reason this excites me is that this is more inline with proper weight loss. For me this is about 3 lbs per week. This weight loss is huge, even if it’s only 4%. Why is it huge? Clothes are starting to fit again.

I have kept around some old t-shirts that I really like, but they didn’t fit. Namely XL t-shirts and some L shirts. The XL t-shirts are not tight anymore. They fit pretty loose which is such a postive feeling. I wore the L t-shirt yesterday and was shocked that it was close fitting, but not super tight. One month ago there would be no way I’d fit in that shirt. And my pants belt? Well, let’s just say that having to add a notch to the belt is a good problem to have!

Watching the calories has been good. I’m now understanding the added benefit of exercising….I can eat more food! For example, a couple of days ago I was HUNGRY! I made the decision that I was going to walk some extra miles so I could enjoy the extra snack. I tallied up how many calories I was going to eat and figured how much walking needed to be done to zero out the extra food. It is an eye opener…sort of like how many hours at work it will cost me to pay for a month’s worth of Starbucks coffee (used to be 30 hours a month!).

Exercising has been going good too. I however realize that my body needs to pace itself and not get overused. That same snack from Day 16 and the subsequent 4 mile walk to work it off made jogging yesterday a little tough. I began the day super psyched to go out and slay it hoping to break my 15:00/mile pace. I got close, but my body was dead. I feel it today. I’ll do some more walking today, but for recreation and not at such a grinding pace. I figure I need to shed some more pounds and this will help the ol’ body’s muslces and joints recover quicker.

Overall, I am very pleased with my commitment and progress. Three weeks ago I would have loved to be 10 lbs lighter. Today I get to experience it after all the hard work and sacrifice. I’ll leave you with this. My wife said to me yesterday, “When I saw you walk in I thought how good you look.” Yep, damn right that motivates me. 🙂


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