Day 5

Well, it seems that the push-ups I did on Tuesday are still bothering my arms. I was suppose to do some sets yesterday, but my triceps were killing me! When it hurts to lift a water glass and take a drink, that’s probably way too much pain for such little gain. Anyways….

Overall, things have been going really good. I’m staying pretty honest on the calories and doing my jogging with RunKeeper Pro. I’m using the Couch to 5K app to guide me through the nine weeks. I used C25K exclusively last year when I was getting into shape. I would use it again this time, but RunKeeper Pro just has too many advantages. So, I just use C25K as a resource to plan the runs.

Weight is dropping pretty good too. I love using LoseIt! It really helps me keeping track of the foods I eat and maintain the proper calorie intake. For example, today I had a Burger King Croissanwich w/ Bacon Egg and Cheese — 340 calories! Well, that was breakfast. Yikes!

Then, I went to see a movie today and got a medium popcorn without butter — 720 calories! I washed it down with a Diet Coke, but still…those two meals cost me over 1000 calories. Holy schnikes!!!

Knowing full well that I wanted to have a bigger cushion come dinner time (and possibly a snack) I decided to go for a walk — ended up walking 3.75 miles and shed almost 600 calories! Now that’s taking a little more control of my eating and exercising habits. Instead of making watching what I eat and exercising the enemy, I need to make better eating a habit and exercising a tool in my fight to lose 80 lbs!

Day 5 web shot

RunKeeper Walk Day 5

So now, I’m done to 276 lbs as of this morning. I know the first week always shows the most weight lose so I need to mentally prepare for next week. All in all I’m feeling good about this change and looking forward to posting some new pics in a week or two showing some physical results.

After four days I've lost 4 lbs!


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