Today begins a new adventure

Life has a funny way of getting your attention. Since losing my job almost two weeks ago I’ve been spending some time tying up some lose ends and getting my life and career back on track. One of those things was recovering old pictures from a burned out hard drive.

I found I was able to recover a small handful of pictures–pictures I thought I’d never see again. The one thing that I came to realize is that I’m fatter today then I was three years ago. Over time, little by little the pounds would be added and stick. Now I’ve been overweight and clinically obese for the last 14 years. I don’t feel obese, but I do feel fat. However, recent pictures confirm the diagnosis…I’m obese.

July 11, 2020

So today begins the change. I will be using six iPhone apps to help me through the process of losing 80 lbs.

I’ll periodically post on the blog my progress, my thoughts and feelings about changing my mindset and just overall how things are going. My goal is to not only lose the weight, but to inspire others that it can be done.


About cougarfan75

Doing my part to bring my opinion to a world so desperate to hear it! There's my take on the world, and then there's everything else!!!
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